Green line

In recent years we have seen a growing demand for products with special environmental or energy saving values. We have met those demands by developing products from new and ecofriendly raw materials, and today we can offer all our products manufactured to eco friendly standards.

As our company is situated in Sweden we have easy access to green energy in form of wind or watercraft. Since 2011 we have only used energy coming from wind craft. The raw materials used in pulp and boxes are sourced from Scandinavia. Our policy is to chose the closest supplier if two companies can supply the same raw material.

Customer demands regarding eco products can differ and our products can be adapted to meet those demands. We can use recycled raw materials, FSC® or PEFC branded materials, and even supply FSC® or PEFC branded products. We can also use ecological raw materials, natural cotton, and starch film instead of plastic.

Some of our customers chose to have their products Swan labeled which our products have no problem fulfilling.

We continuously develop new products using new raw materials - and we expect the future to bring growth to this segment of the market.

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