The company was founded in 1953 by Gunnar Andersson in Bjuv, close to Mörarp. He built a simple napkin machine in his basement. The business grew gradually and in the 60´s he bought the property where Intigena Nordic currently operates.

For a long time, the company developed both manufacturing equipment and manufactured hygiene products itself. In this period the company had about 100 employess and machines were exported even to Asia. Machine construction for commercial purposes was phased out in 1991 and today the company is focused on production of hygiene products, pantyliners especially.

The company was family owned until 1984. In the period up to 1996, the company had several owners (Modo, Holmen, Metsä-Serla etc). From 1996 to November 2015 the company has been owned by Ole Andersen and the German company Intigena Beteiligung GmbH (KM Mahnke Group).

From 24th of November 2015 we are 100% owned by Intigena Beteiligung GmbH (KM Mahnke Group).

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